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Terms & Conditions

Old Yadavindrians Association, hence referred as OYA, has provided this website as a suite of alumni service to the wide Yadavindrian community of YPS Chandigarh. The web service includes a login that requires a username and password. Alumni in this website are hereby requested to go through the Privacy Policy of the site before they start using the website. 

Term of Use
By using OYA’s official website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as set by our administrative panel. 

  • You accept to follow all the terms and conditions of the website. You will accept the privacy policies of the website. If due to any reason, you stay in the website is found inappropriate, then your account will be blocked by the administrator. 
  • Any user who is contributing to the website through content or other material on the website is liable to follow the privacy policies. The website should be taken in all aspects and services of OYA community which includes (but not limited to) products, services, application, events, networking, information sharing, etc. 
  • Alumni profile information listed on the website is available to the web administrator. The directory is intended to facilitate inter-alumni communication within the website. Before this state, the information is not available for the commercial purpose. 
  • Alumni can communicate or use facilities like article sharing, news sharing, classified or e-purchase through the website. The website ensures safe and secure third party gateways. 
  • The website doesn’t allow the commercial promotion of one’s service through the community channel. It is a community website meant for sustaining the goodwill of Old Yadavindrians. 

Old Yadavindrians Association is capable of determining the misuse of the Alumni Profile and Directory. The abuse of our internal communication mechanism will not be tolerated. In case misuse or breach of trust, the website reserves the right to deactivate or terminate the access of the faulty user. 

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